The Rocky Road to Dublin

So.. remember how we were supposed to have a match? Yea that didn’t happen. They couldn’t field enough players so they had to cancel! Oh well, luckily, this opened up some free time, and we made an impromptu trip to Charles Fort, located on the southern cost of Ireland. Unfortunately, we were only there for “turrr tea” minutes (thats how the Irish say 30) because it was close to closing time. We were able to run around the fort, and I’d like to believe I took a lot artsy photos.


We also got to see a lot of the academic side of Ireland! We took a tour of the University College Cork, our sister university in Cork, Ireland. It was a beautiful campus, hopefully we’ll be sending some of our players to study and play there! Maybe me? Who knows!


While in Ireland, recruiting is also high on our list of priorities. A few of us were tasked with attending a recruiting showcase at a local high school, notorious for producing international caliber rugby players. It was when we were sitting in front of this crowd where it really got me thinking about the differences between our school systems. For starters, I could not imagine my parents reaction If I wanted to attend a school that focuses more on sport then academics. It’s unheard of in America! But in Europe, they’ve got soccer academies, rugby academies, hurling academies, etc. Academics come first, we learn that at an early age.

Before we departed to Dublin, we stopped by the famous Blarney Castle and Rock! Unfortunately, it’s been converted into a large tourist attraction, but it was cool none-the-less! It gave some beautiful scenic views of the area.

IMG_2042 IMG_2049 IMG_2067

We finally made it to Dublin after a longer then wanted drive. Tomorrow we have two training sessions as well as some much anticipated exploring of Dublin.


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