..And more beer (17.5.14)

Best day by far. Began with a visit to the Hofbräuhaus where we met some lovely Englishmen. One of the mates was on his honeymoon so of course they had to go out. And yes, I did indeed say mates. With being abroad and hanging out with foreigners, you end up picking up a little bit of lingo along with an accent. It sounds stupid, I know, but honestly, It’s kind of fun. And you can look back at it and make fun of yourself. “Why the f*** was I talking like that?”

We decided to pick up some FC Bayern München gear, considering they were competing in the Bundesliga championship. What better way to embrace a culture then sharing a beer while sporting the local football club. Let me tell you, Munich was HYPED for this game. Festivities, chants, and a sea of red flooded the city streets. It was quite the experience. Here’s Michael, Joey, and I after our freshly made purchase.

Finally it finished with us meeting some lovely Americans (have to get a taste from back home) and ending the night with a few beers in our hostel. Although our night wasn’t particularly extravagant, it was nice because I was surrounded by the people I wanted to be.

Tomorrow we’re off to Tbilisi so my internet connection may/probably will be scarce.

For Now, Prüst!




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