Departure Day (14.5.2014)

Finally, after all the waiting, departure day has arrived! Being the plane/airport aficionados Michael and I are, we decided to arrive at Dulles 3.5 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart. Incase you were interested, here is the link to track our flight (LH415).

Michael and I arrived around 6:45 and checked in on Lufthansa, and of course, being the anxious traveler I am, I payed no attention and walked straight up to the First Class booth. I guess the suit made me look good enough for first class.  After checking in, we swiftly made our way through security (and by swiftly I mean 25 minutes from check in to the gate). Matusaki on Concourse A was a must, almost like a new found tradition. 2 Veggie Rolls for me and some ridiculously expensive platter for Mike.

Our first stop is Munich, where we’ll be staying for three nights, almost like an extended layover. On the agenda is the BMW Factory, Beer Gardens (of course), and an undescribable amount of Bratwürst and liter sized Beers. If you have any tips as for things to do or places to go, please feel free to comment them in! We’re interested.

I’ll check back in when we have arrived and I have a few spare minutes.

For Now, Cheers!



One thought on “Departure Day (14.5.2014)

  1. Munich is a great city! Of course you’ll Pay a visit to the clockwork of the tower on the main square. And check out the famous beer garden; all the regulair clients have their own beer glas in a safe.


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