Jet Skies and Ancient Ruins (7.7.14)

Being our last full day in Mexico, we decided to make the most of it. Similar to every morning, we began with three full sets of tennis at Hotel Racquet. Bro – per usual – won, and luckily I was on one of the winning squads.

We returned to the house to get cleaned up and eventually we left to Xochicalco, ancient ruins built centuries ago. Although I’ve been to many ruins before, it never seizes to amaze me the engineering that these cultures had.

After exploring the ruins for a little, we headed towards Tequesquitengo, a massive lake surrounded by expensive houses and nice restaurants. Here we were able to rent jet skies, something Maxwell had expressed interest in for quite a while.

Tomorrow we leave Cuernavaca at 6:00 AM in order to reach the airport on time. Unfortunately another trip has concluded but many more experiences and memories have been gained. I can’t wait until whatever comes next!

For Now, Salud!



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