Primer Dia en Cuernavaca, Mexico (3.7.14)

After only 6 hours of sleep (quite a few less then I need), we proceeded to have an eventful day full of activities. While everyone got ready, Emi – Bro’s partner – and I ran over to the local super market and picked up some breakfast food, including pan dulce, ham, and fruit. When everyone was ready, we left for a local restaurant in order to have a more filling breakfast. I had been here before when I had visited Cuernavaca last summer and it was just as I had remembered.

We then trekked out 15 km to Tech de Monterrey, where I plan to be participating in a spanish immersion course. The campus was magnificent and the faculty were above par. Inside the odd, modern shaped building was a large green area for recreation and leisure.

Today we also began our upcoming streak of days when golf is played. The family and I played 18 holes at Pariso Country Club, just outside of Cuernavaca. The course was nice, but the main perk were the caddies.

We just ended our evening dining out and a restaurant I had also been to last time. They will forever be embedded in my mind as the first place I had REAL tacos (although I do enjoy taco bell)

Tomorrow we begin our day with tennis and then another round of golf. After that, who knows.

For Now, Salud!




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