“Real” Tbilisi (21.5.14)

Chernobyl or Tbilisi’s zoo? I couldn’t tell you. And a zoo is stretching it, less then half the cages filled and abandoned carnival rides that littered the entire grounds. It was a bit creepy.

Our expedition ended right there when we got kicked out for riding the ABANDONED rides supposedly only for kids.

But the market was fairly interesting! Pretty much anything you wanted was available; electronics, clothes, weapons, and almost any home appliance you could think of.

It was a step up from those in Mexico, but not by much. Personally, I prefer the one in Cuernavaca because, there, they have more “home-made/authentic” items. None-the-less! Joey and I picked up a rugby ball and plan on tossing it around sometime soon.

As for the rest of the day, tonight we pick up Haley (Joey and Mikes friend) from the airport. Other then that, House of Cards and siestas are a must. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

For Now, Cheers!



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