Sketchy Rides and Broken Noses (24.5.14)

Yesterday was by far the most active day yet. Joeys pedometer read that he had taken almost 20,000 steps, close to eight miles. Our expedition began when Michael THOUGHT he had found the right path to the Tram Station, which led up to the top of a mountain that overlooked Tbilisi. Little did we know that we overshot the base when we realized we were already halfway above up the walk. So for the next two miles, we battled a slope like this:

But received the reward of a view like this:

Like I mentioned, an “amusement” park was situated atop the mountain. Amusement put in quotations because half of the rides weren’t open and/or didn’t work. And lets just say their safety facilities were sub-par. Long story short, Joey bashed his face into the back of my head on the log flume and possibly had a broken nose. Their medical facilities consisted of a water spicket from the ground and toilet paper grabbed from the bathroom. Let me also tell you that the ride was broken approximately five minutes prior to us riding.

Luckily we found the tram for the ride down and the view was spectacular.

Today we venture off to the castle, the basis for all of Tbilisi and then off to the rugby match today!

For Now, Cheers!



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