The Same Feeling Every Time (2.5.2014)

Today is move-out day. The end of my freshman year of college and if I told you it went by quick, that’d be an understatement. Hugs and goodbyes damper the mood as people pack their cars and are on their way.

After reflecting on the entire year, I remember all the great memories I’ve had and fantastic people I’ve met.

Today isn’t only sad, but it’s a joyous one as well. As of today, my summer has begun and I’m only 12 days away from embarking on my first adventure: Germany and Georgia.

It’s funny because this will be my 4th trip to Europe, and yet, I still get the same butterflies in my stomach. Nothing is more exciting then traveling abroad. You allow yourself to eat other food, embrace other cultures, meet new people, and create memories that last a lifetime. Whether this was my 4th or 40th trip, I would still feel just as excited.


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