Just The Beginning (8.9.14)

As I’ve alluded to before, I am beginning the process of transforming my dream of studying abroad into a reality! After careful consideration, I have decided to apply for a year abroad in Cape Town, South Africa at the University of the Western Cape.

Why am I telling you? Because I will be taking you all along through the entire journey! From now until the day I depart. This is the first post of many where I will be taking you with me throughout the process of applying, filling out forms, consulting with advisors, and completing various tasks that will ensure a great and successful time while abroad.

Today I made a quick stop by the Center for International Education (CIE), which is located on the 4th floor of Lee Hall. Dr. Sainz, the director of the CIE, helped me plan out my course schedule so I would be sure to fill my major requirements as well as general education requirements.

When registering for classes at your host university, wherever it may be, it is important to make sure the classes you intend to take are pre-approved by the department chair of that division. Don’t worry, it’s a simple task. Inside this nifty folder, that you will receive when you begin the study abroad process, are all the forms you need to get started, including the “UMW Course Approval Form”.

The folder also includes:

     – A complete list of UMW Study Abroad Scholarships

     – An Education Abroad Checklist, which you will fill out over the course of the planning

     – A Course Registration Planning Tool, which you will use to ensure that you are in the right classes upon your arrival BACK to the University of Mary Washington

     – A Global Inquiry/ Experiential Learning Contract that will allow you to earn either one of those          general education requirements while abroad

     – A Request for Study Abroad Financial Aid form to be completed and submitted to Financial Aid

     – A flyer for a pre-approved Travel Insurance company (required while studying abroad)

     – An Information Sheet on transcripts, graduation, and a senior check-sheet

     – A Mail-Forwarding form

     – A Major/Minor Declaration form

I just e-mailed my IES contact and asked her for the syllabi of a few potential classes I would take while in South Africa. They will help convince my professors that the courses at the University of the Western Cape are equivalent to those here at UMW.


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