Pictures, On Pictures, on Pictures. And Food.. (11.10.2014)

Before we venture off into the city, I should probably tell you about everything we crammed into our 21 hour day.

After we landed in Chicago, we headed back to Maggie’s house, where she toured me around her humble abode.




After her dad welcomed us, and us giving him the run-down of the weekend, we made our way to the “famous” Egg Harbor Cafe. I must say, It did live up to the hype that Maggie created. And of course, they had kids menus with coloring, and yes, I did color them.

IMG_5268 IMG_5307

Next came the tour of a quaint little town she calls home, Lake Forest, Illinois. I tried to equate it to another town I’ve been to, but to my reluctancy, it was a kind of its own. It’s got the downtown of Carmel, CA, the neighborhoods of McLean, VA (yes including the houses), and the streets of the Shenandoah Valley. One of our many stops were along the shore of Lake Michigan. Maggie calls it a beach, but I refuse to call a lakefront a beach!



After, we went to pick up Jack, her little brother, from school. Jack joined us on our next stop, the Chicago Botanical Gardens.



We finished the evening off with Sushi Kushi and a movie in the theatre room. Both of us were immensely tired and crashed pretty hard once that was done.

Today, we’ll attend Jacks football game, walk around Chicago Downtown, and sit front row at the much anticipated Chicago Blackhawks game.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty more pictures to come.

For Now, Cheers!



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