Back To Reality… Again (15.10.2014)

As our fall break came to a close, we made sure to pack as many cool and interesting things in as we could (hence why I wasn’t writing any posts, because I was too busy!)

I believe I left off last after our hockey game – which they one 5-2 I might add! On Sunday, Maggie and I drove an hour away to meet a few of her friends and to visit a farm that claimed to host “The Largest Corn Maze In The World”, which I promise you, is not an overstatement. This maze consisted of five different mazes, spaced out over a whopping 33 acres. Even better, it made a cool design from atop.




The rest of the day consisted of eating, per usual. We started off with Tommys Sports Pub and some delicious wings while watching football, then made our way to Portillos, which apparently is a midwest pilgrimage for newcomers, and ended at Premos after we dropped Maggies grandparents off at their home.



Probably my favorite day of the trip was Monday. Since we had arrived in Chicago, everything was planned out pretty thoroughly – which is nice! It just gets exhausting after a while. On Monday, we had no set schedule, but we knew that by mid-day-ish, we wanted to be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Anything on the way there was fair game as well. So knowing us, we obviously stopped at every antique store/thrift shop we could find.



By the time we reached Lake Geneva, it was raining pretty heavily, so we decided to try and wait it out. In the meantime, we found a quaint little diner – perfect for rainy afternoons – where we were greeted by lovely employees and great food.

The rain hadn’t stopped by the time we were done, so we just toughened up, and walked around anyway. Everything in the town was Ma & Pa owned, so you knew everything was original and authentic. It gave off a great vibe.

When Tuesday rolled around, we ventured back into the city. We planned to head up the Sears Tower, but the visibility was zero because of the weather, so we opted against it. The next thing on our agenda was the Museum of Science and Industry, which I must say was probably one of the best museums I had ever been to. It was interactive, interesting, and just plain fun. We spent three hours there and I don’t think we saw half of what they offered.




Learning so much built up one hell-of-a appetite. We decided to go to Lou Malnati, where I FINALLY experienced my first deep dish pizza. I’ll be honest, I’ve had better pizza in my life. But it’s all about the experience, right?



By this time, our adventure had come to end. Back to her house we went to pack and get a good nights rest before our trek home.

It was a great time, and Chicago is a wonderful town. I hope it won’t be my last trip there.

For Now, Cheers!



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