Top 5: Places I Want To Visit

A few days ago I added a post about the top five places I’ve been. This list here are the top five places on my bucket list. My Mom and Dad will agree that I’m willing to go anywhere at anytime. I’m sure they get annoyed with all the travel specials and offers I send them, but some of them are great deals! How could you possible pass up on them???

Any who, I’ve now created this list of the top five places I want to go! By no means is this of the only places I will go. Give me a proposition and I’ll be there.


5) North Korea



Just call me Dennis Rodman. Hahaha.. just kidding. But actually, North Korea is situated at number five on my list solely for educational purposes! Something so unknown and obscure obviously draws my attention. How do they live? How tight is the government really? I have the urge to know more.


4) Norway


We’ve all seen pictures of the fjords, the colorful houses, etc etc. The natural beauty of Norway would single handedly draw me in. The fact that it’s consistently named within the Top 10 of the happiest countries in the world also helps! I mean, how could you have a frown on your face looking at that view?

3) Cuba


Back to the unknown. For those of you non-Americans reading, here’s a fresh reminder that us Americans aren’t allowed – by law – to travel to Cuba, due to the trade embargo! Those who do go, have to travel secretively and through a third party country (typically Mexico). The little rebel in me, of course, gives me the urge to do what I’m not allowed.

2) Australia


Deemed the “younger, wilder, more bad-ass” United States, Australia is obviously going to be on this list. Have you ever tried keeping up with Aussies at clubs? It’s virtually impossible. Two summers ago, I had to keep up with 47 of them. Heading down under will always be on my bucket list, probably even after my initial visit!

1) New Zealand


Alright, this one needs no explanation. First of all, who wouldn’t want to visit Middle Earth?? Earlier today, Nomadic Matt showed me Air New Zealands safety video. I suggest you take a peek. Anyway! Look at that view. Mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, rugby, etc etc. Any outdoor activity you could imagine, New Zealand has it! I WILL  go there soon, take my word for it.


5 thoughts on “Top 5: Places I Want To Visit

  1. Yes! Go to New Zealand! We spent the best 6 months of our lives there! I blogged about our time there, so if you care to go back to the beginning of the blog, you`ll find some info. I sincerely hope you make it to all 5 places (and make it out of the 5th one)


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