Food Frenzy!

Eating is one of my favorite past times. Bro says it runs in our blood and I’d say that’s a blessing and a curse. Either way, I’m typically not one to shy away from new and exotic foods. I remember, a few years back, my dad paid me $50 to try octopus at a restaurant in Mexico. To most of us, that doesn’t sound too bad, but to a thirteen year old, it was a big deal.

Then, about 4 years ago, I had smoked bear and horse in a stew in Tallinn, Estonia. That… was disgusting. I’m sorry but I had to trade meals with my mom. Then SHE didn’t like it and I felt even worse. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to eat it.

Of all the food I’ve had around the world, I definitely think my favorites would be Poutine from Canada, Khinkali from Georgia, Bratwurst from Germany, Tacos from Mexico, and Karelian Pie from Finland.




Poutine is to Canada as normal french fries are to America. You’ll find these at Burger King, McDonalds, or any other fast food joint. French Fries doused in gravy and cheese, it sounds like a glorious heart attack waiting to be consumed.


Khinkali is easily the most common food in the Republic of Georgia. I challenge you to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve it. Typically eaten in sets of five, these traditional delicacies are ridiculously flavorful. I must warn you, there are rules to eating these, so I suggest you read up before you go.



Bratwurst should be an obvious one. Sitting in the English Beer Garden, sipping on a liter beer, and stuffing your face with bratwurst and sauerkraut should definitely be on your bucket list. As seen in the picture, you want a bratwurst that’s got a little darkness to the outside. It gives it a little crunch at the beginning that’s to die for.



Karelian Pie can be bought in Finnish grocery stores frozen, but the pie’s that were hand made by my Finnish family members were far superior. The dish typically has a potato skin outer layer with rice filling, but can be altered for different occasions. I’ve seen them done with eggs in the middle (obviously a breakfast dish) and I’ve seen them done with meat in the center. Either way, they’re delicious.


Tacos  are done VERY differently here in the USA then they are in Mexico. In Mexico, each taco is typically much smaller and you usually get three per order. Different types of meat are almost always available, including carne asado, al pastor, pollo, etc. Lime, cilantro, onions, and salsa are just a few of many different toppings you can put on your taco.


Food is always something I look forward to when I venture to a new place. I look forward to food all the time actually.. Hmm.


What’s some of your favorites from around the world??


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      • Not that I know of, which is a shame. But the broth tastes similar to congee and the noodles are flour doe cut into thick or thin shapes. Add shredded chicken breasts, onions, some cilantro, and pepper -then you’re set!


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