Holly Springs, NC – A Nice Thanksgiving


Most people during Thanksgiving enjoy staying home, eating a nice big dinner, and watching football. Not us, the Cleggs like to go play golf. That’s our thing. This year, we made our way to Holly Springs, NC where we stayed with our relatives John and Nicole. For those of you who don’t know where Holly Springs is, don’t worry, I can’t imagine many people that do. Holly Springs is a little dinky town on the outskirts of Raleigh. But, that being said, it is a beautiful place!

The original plan was to go to North Carolina and play Pinehurst #2, a famous PGA course about 30 minutes away. Unfortunately, the tee times were all booked up so we had to find another plan. We had heard of a course that was close by called “Tobacco Road“. It was ranked #50 among the best designed golf courses by “Golf Course Architecture” magazine.




That gap between those two hills? Yea, that’s the fairway.


If I told you this was the most intimidating golf course I had ever seen, somehow that’d be an understatement. 30ft waste traps that were nearly impossible to get out of, green speeds faster than comic hero Flash himself, and fairways narrower than a bowling lane. Not to mention it was 35 degrees outside, adding an extra element. But, it was definitely one of the best courses I’ve ever played. And that’s saying something because I’ve played Kiawah AND Pebble Beach. It was fun, it was exciting,  and that feeling of fear and nervousness quickly turned into exhilaration. And, besides all that, I played well! My second best score ever! I had a few pars, and two or three opportunities for birdies – which unfortunately I did not capitalize on, but oh well!

Overall the trip was awesome. We played golf, we watched football, and we hung out with family! What else could you ask for?

What did you do for Thanksgiving?? Leave a comment below!


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