My Ideal Taste of Travel Menu


Celebrity Cruises recently teamed up with the experts behind Great British Chefs and have created the #tasteoftravel blogger competition which gives you the opportunity to share the most delicious and memorable starter, main and dessert you’ve discovered from around the world.

To take part, we simply have to share a three-course travel menu, exploring cherished food memories, and then nominate four fellow bloggers to do the same.

Here’s My Menu



Beef Carpaccio

Besides the fact that the only time I’ve had this, I got food poisoning, I’d still put this as the starter for my course. Beef carpaccio is a dish which includes raw beef (or veal, your choice) and fresh shaved parmesan. I’m not typically one who enjoys raw meat, but the juicy, savory, flavor given off from this dish is well worth it.

Although this dish is typically Italian, I actually had this in Tbilisi, Georgia. Like I alluded to earlier, Mike, Joey, and I all got sick after this dinner, and the only common food we had was the beef carpaccio. But, that being said, just because I had one bad experience doesn’t mean I won’t highly praise the dish! It tasted amazing going in, just not as good coming back out… Ew. Sorry for that.

Main Course

Georgian Khinkali

Georgian Khinkali

Alright, I’m probably starting to annoy you with all the khinkali posts, but it is SO good. I actually made it with my buddy this past weekend. Inside each dumpling is a mixture of beef and pork, onions, cilantro, and broth. They’re delicious, filling, and aesthetically appealing. Isn’t that everything you want in a meal??

I first had this dish at about 4:00 am the day I arrived in Georgia. Mike, the same buddy, kept praising this restaurant, El Depo, which I soon came to realize was a little hole-in-the-wall, “fast food” style restaurant, that for some reason is open at 4:00 am. Who knows why? Any who, El Depo’s khinkali set the standard, and it was hard to beat, let me tell you. The juices, the meat, even the pepper, seemed first-rate. Four of us ate 30 of them… that’s a lot and if that doesn’t speak to their deliciousness, I don’t know what does.


Pan Dulce con Cafe

Pan Dulce con Cafe

Although Pan Dulce con Cafe, or Sweet Bread and Coffee, is a dish commonly served during breakfast in latin american countries, I personally love to drink coffee and eat cookies after dinner. I love dipping my pan dulce in my cafe, making my cafe taste like sugary cookie goodness!

Emi, Bro’s girlfriend, went to the local grocery store every morning, before we woke up, and bought freshly baked pan dulce. It’s almost impossible to have a bad experience when you’re eating it fresh every day! And let me tell you, those baking sure knew what they were doing. The right crispiness, the right amount of sugar, all of it blended together perfectly for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I promise it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

So there it is! Those are my choices, what do you think? What’re some of your ideas?

I nominate Morgan from Travel Morgan TravelCamila from Things I am Crazy ForMak from Wandering Makand Munky from Munky TravelsEntries and PrizeThe closing date for entries is 12 January 2015; these will then be judged by two top Great British Chefs and Deputy Editor of Food and Travel Magazine. If you win over the prestigious judges’ (and their stomachs) you’ll be awarded a seven-night European cruise and one £150 voucher to one of the Great British Chef’s restaurants. They’re also offering £75 meal vouchers to each of three foodie runners up. 

Good luck and buen aproveche!  




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