My Writing Process


I don’t know why it’s tinted orange…

Morgan from Travel Morgan Travel  figured you all might be curious as to what goes through my head on a daily basis. Lord knows why but if you insist, who am I to refuse?

What am I working on?

Ha.. haha… I’m a college student finishing up the semester. What do you think I’m working on?? Finals! Study this, study that, polyatomic ions, photovoltaic solar cells, fiscal policy, anyone have any knowledge you’d like to share?? Any who, I’m a Environmental Science major with a minor in Economics.


Aside from school, I’m also working on building my blog, my blogging network, and my blogging friends! I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and learning new tips about writing and traveling.

On top of all that, I’m also currently taking a TEFL course online. 160 hours over 7o days. Not TOO bad. I’ve got about 27 more sections to go. Hopefully, once I complete the course, I’ll be teaching at the ESL Center right next to my university.

How does my work differ from others on this genre?

Wow, that’s a deep question. I think one of the beautiful things about travel blogging is that each bloggers work is different! Everyone has different experiences in different places at different times. While reading other blogs, it never seems like I’m reading the same story over and over again. Other perspectives shine different lights on certain topics that I’ve never considered before.

Why do I write what I do?

I wholeheartedly know that the opportunities I’ve had throughout my life are far larger, numerically, than those of many others. Not only do I write because I love my experiences and enjoy sharing my knowledge, but to also express gratitude to those who have helped me get here along the way! I know my parents do everything possible to make me happy and help me live to the fullest extent possible. The least I could do is write about my journeys along the way to show how happy this makes me and how thankful I am for everything they’ve done for me.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process changes every time! Where I do it, when I do it, what it’s about, all depends on my current mood and state of being.

Although I do keep a list of possible ideas in a journal, a lot of my posts are actually spontaneous.  Either someone will ask me about a personal experience and I think to myself ‘Wow, I should blog about that!’ or I’m scrolling through my WordPress reader and someones else’s post jogs my memory or spurs an idea.

That’s what determines what I write about! What I’m doing while I am writing typically stays the same though. I like to sit down, listen to some Spotify, have a coffee (black, mind you), and just go.



Also, one thing to note about my writing is that I VERY rarely proof read (hence some grammatical/lexical mistakes). I find that I locate certain areas that I’m not too fond of and I’ll start switching words around and, inevitably, changing meaning. Which is not what I want! I want you all to know, and I want to portray, what is really going on in my head. I want my writing to be pure.

Side note: I just went back a re-read Morgan’s post and I realized that her and I practically said they same thing here, regarding proof reading. That was unintentional I promise!


Entonces (Spanish for “any way” or “and so”, thought I’d switch it up on you all) now it’s time for me to nominate a few!

I’ve learned a lot from A New Life Wandering so, Mani, let’s see it!

I’d also like to nominate Blue Hour Photography. You the World Wandering, and Allanas Atlas




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