Top 5: Beers From Around the World!

I am a man who enjoys his beers, and I am not one to shy away from trying new ones! I’ve had my fair share of cervezas from around the world and, as difficult as it was, I hand picked my Top Five to this day.

5. Bud Light: Cheers!



This choice is a sentimental one. If one goes to college, and doesn’t consume Bud Light, did they REALLY go to college? Of course not. Bud Light is the beer of choice for most college students. It’s refreshing, it doesn’t taste terrible, and it’s cheap!

4. Corona Light: Salud!



Corona Light from Mexico is exquisite. That can be said for any beer from Mexico! What’s better than a cold Corona Light with a lime and salt? I can tell you, it’s a cold Corona Light with a lime and salt while sitting on a sun baked beach with an aqua blue ocean in front of you.

3. Heineken: Proost!


Taking a tour of the Heineken Brewery was very eye-opening to the art of brewing. It’s chemistry! One little mistake at one step will ruin the entire batch. Learning how to pour the perfect beer and produce the perfect foam was a skill I’ll use for the rest of my life.

2. Sol: Salud!



I’m not going to lie, when I’m in Mexico, Sol is my cerveza of choice. It’s nothing against Corona Light, it’s just that, when I’m drinking Sol, I feel more “in Mexico”. Corona is pretty popular here in the USA, so having it in Mexico isn’t as special as having Sol.

1. Hofbräu: Pröst!




Okay, you know the beer is good when you buy it in increments of liters. And when you plan your day over when you can go to the Beer Garden. Hofbräu is easily the best brew I’ve ever had. I honestly can’t explain what makes it so good, but if it was a word, I’d use the term “drinkability”. (just kidding, I looked it up and it is a word) Hofbräu’s drinkability is off the charts. I could have three of them in one sitting, and I know that by experience!


What’re some good beers you’ve had from around the world?? Comment below or right your own post and tag me in it!






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