One Place I’d Rather Be

One of my current favorite songs is Rather Be by Clean Bandit. In the song, the main chorus goes “And there’s no place I’d rather be” referring to not wanting to be anywhere but with the ones he/she loves. Now, I do enjoy the holidays, and I love all the family and I love being home and seeing all my friends that I haven’t seen since high school. But, that being said, there are a few other places I’d rather be! They would just be better with my friends and family.

One place (or places) that really stick out as a place I’d rather be right now is literally any winter market in Europe. Around this time every year, posts and pictures and reviews and all sorts of stuff pop up about European winter markets and it makes me incredibly jealous. They appear so majestic and festive that it could even make the Grinch smile! I mean just look…

wintermarket wintermarket2 wintermarket3

All these were taken off Google Images, but hopefully I’ll take some of my own soon!

Anywho, I know that these European Markets aren’t on my Top 5 Bucket List, and I’d like to clarify! Those nations that made my Top 5 are ones that I wan’t to visit ALL the time, these are strictly during the winter. See! There’s a difference!

Unfortunately, I don’t see myself visiting any winter markets soon because, while I’m at school, I’m neither making money or spending time with family, and that is what my winter breaks are for. So unless we take a winter vacation to Europe, I doubt it’s in my foreseeable future.

Have you been to a winter market?? Write a post about it and tag me in it!


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