Packing List: Sint Maarten Style

As I promised on my Facebook page, here is my packing list for Sint Maarten!

For those of you who don’t know, Sint Maarten is a small caribbean island, split between the Dutch and French. It’s actually the smallest land mass split between two different nations. On the Dutch side, they use the Guilder, and on the French, the euro. Packing for the caribbean is a nice change of pace from the 35 degrees and rainy it’s been here in Washington D.C. Here’s what I’m bringing.


We’ll start with my carry-on. Pretty much only the essentials!

Nike backpack. I actually got this for free while volunteering at a golf tournament! It’s got a laptop sleeve and multiple pockets, both big and small. Essential for me in a backpack is the side water bottle holders. I drink a LOT of water, but it’s annoying to physically carry it

– Edit: Merry Christmas! For Christmas, I got a new daypack, a Chacabuco Patagonia 32L pack! Almost the exact same features as my Nike bag, but it holds a larger volume, although it doesn’t actually appear to be bigger!

Books. The only reason I have two with me is because I’m almost finished with the first. I also refuse to switch to reading digitally. I need the feeling of flipping a page and seeing my progress.

Moleskin Travel Journal. I use this to write down contact information, ideas for blogs and highlights of my day if I don’t have immediate internet access.

Apple iPad Mini Okay, I know it’s pictured, but between taking this picture and writing this post, I decided I’d rather bring my laptop. iPads, so I’ve heard, are difficult to write blog posts.

Apple Accessories This includes charger and headphones.

Tumi Electric Adaptor for obvious reasons! Sint Maarten does indeed use a different outlet then the USA

– Ray-Ban Sunglasses  Who want’s to be blinded while enjoying a daiquiri on the beach?

– Coin Purse I bought this the last time I was in Europe, and it is essential because the Euro uses many many coins.

 Bucket Hat Goes along with Ray-Bans! Gotta’ keep safe from the sun rays!

GoPro + Accessories I plan on snorkeling, waterskiing, and many other underwater sports. A GoPro will be the perfect camera to capture all these moments

– Wallet

– Passport

 iPhone 6+ Brand-spankin’-new. Camera is fantastic and I can’t wait to use the slow-mo video to take videos of the plans landing at the famous Maho Beach

Some people like to pack a pair of clothes, just in case their packs lost, but ya know, I’m a little bit of a badass. I like to roll the dice a little.


Next, my bag! I personally chose a bag from Osprey that I bought from a local shop, Casual Adventure. I buy most of my camping and traveling gear from here. They’re incredibly helpful and friendly.

I like the back because of its multi-purpose. As you can see from the picture, the back zips on and zips off, becoming both a suit case and a backpack! The front also zips off to become a daypack.

Inside my pack, this is what I’ll carry.


– 5x Pair of Boxers

– 5x Pair of Socks

– 2x T-Shirts

– 1x Longsleeve

– 2x Button Down Shirts

– 1x Set of Workout Clothes

– 2x Shorts

– 1x Jeans

– 2x Shoes. Edit: Okay these are important. I personally go with the Nike: Free Run Series I find these to be one of the most versatile series there is. Hiking, walking, running, whatever you could imagine, they can do. AND they’re stylish. My other pair are Vans: Classic Series for the exact same reason. And, if worn correctly, they can pass for “formal”.

A little advice, I do think I am overpacking on shirts, I could probably drop one or two. When I pack, I also prefer to roll my clothes. You can see in the pictures how much clothes I have, and how I’m able to fit them into my pack.

A few things not pictured include my Macbook Pro, which like I said is indeed coming with me, and my water bottle. I was too busy using it to picture. I also have my own snorkeling equipment, and of course a bathing suit!

What do you guys think?? Am I missing anything? Do I have things I don’t need?


4 thoughts on “Packing List: Sint Maarten Style

  1. Hi Alex, Dell Adkins dropped me a line that you’re visiting the “friendly Island” St. Maarten. Enjoy!! I live on the Island however decided to trade in the Beach for a white Christmas this year.. I’ll be back on January 5th 2015..Places NOT to Skip are most definitely: 1) Lottery Farm on the French Side 2) Happy Bay Beach (short Hike from Friars Bay) 3)Ask about a Hike to the Natural Pool from Guanabay (45 minutes) not very known but a quiet and amazing place 4) Mullet bay Beach 5) Karakter Beach (my favorite hang out spot) restaurants are Too many to mention…both on the French and Dutch Side.. Like Dell said a boat ride to St. Barths Is Nice…you can also choose to go to Saba( 1 Hour) or more closer, Anguilla (20) and the small beach Island of Pinel (10 minutes)… Lounge/Clubs would be Skybeach ( Maho) Tantra (Maho) Soggy dollar Bar and LeShore (Simpsonbay)

    There’s enough to do and I’m sure you’ll find your way.. should you need any direction, feel free to drop me a line on Fb.

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