Bienvenue/Welkom a Sint Maarten

After a full day of traveling, I have finally made it to Sint Maarten. With a 5:00 am wake up call and a 7:30 flight out of DCA, it took us roughly 10 hours to get here, including an hour and a half layover in Charlotte.

But, waking up so early isn’t all bad. While boarding the US Airways Regional Jet, this was the view I was greeted by

IMG_6072 2Beautiful right?? It was a foreshadow for a great trip. When we finally made it here, we took a shuttle, provided by Hertz, to the rental car dealership, where we picked up our car.


I don’t know who that woman is, but guest appearance!

Its amazing how much more efficient they are here then in the USA. It took us tops 10 minutes to get our car and go, and I forgot to mention it only took us 5 to get through customs AND immigration combined. Get it together America!

After a little unplanned tour through the outskirts of Phillipsburg, we finally made it to our hotel, Mary’s Boon. If I told you this hotel was right next to the airport, I think you’d underestimate the term “right next to”. Our car is literally parked against the fence to the airport, which is roughly 15-20ft from the runway. Most of y’all would say “What the hell?? why??” Well we came here for plane watching! My brother and my dad are fanatics and having our hotel so close to the airport was a blessing in disguise. On the other side of the hotel, no more then 10ft from my parents room is the beach. It’s the best of both worlds.


After a few drinks, including their infamous Guavaberry Rum, and some more plane watching from our viewing deck, we headed down to the hotels restaurant where I began with an appetizer of escargo. Hey, when in a French/Dutch Territory, do as the French/Dutch! That’s how the saying goes right?

FullSizeRender 2

But, the “wierdness” of this dish was offset by the beauty of our view. Check it out


Yea… that was the view for dinner. Not too shabby. Anywho, we wrapped it up for the night and I’ve found myself a home by the pool to blog.


Yes.. I took that with a self-timer front camera, JUDGE ME I DON’T CARE. The plans for tomorrow are still up for debate. The original plan was to go “snuba-ing” which is essentially snorkeling, but with a 50ft hose, allowing you to go deeper and farther. We found out that the only KLM 747 to fly into the airport will only be arriving tomorrow and Tuesday. On Tuesday, my brother and Dad will be in Saba and my mother and I will travel to Anguilla. That leaves our only chance to see it is tomorrow, so we’re trying to rearrange our snuba outing to be able to see the incoming 747.

I came into this trip blind, not knowing what to expect, but a friend of a friend saw I was going and was kind enough to post a few of his favorite things in the comment section on This Post. Check it out and see what he has to say! I’ll be attempting to do as many as I can.

When I know what happens, I’ll be sure to keep y’all up to date! Cheers 🙂


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