Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year from yours truly!


As we begin to look forward to this upcoming year, with self-improvements, more travels, more friends, and more experiences, I’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on everything from this past year! Mistakes were made, and mistakes were learned from! But either way, it’s been a great year.

My Education

When people ask me how school’s going, I always like to jokingly reply with “Well… I’m going back next semester!” That’s right, ya boy didn’t flunk out! Freshman year went better then expected, but still not where I wanted it to be. Then, this past semester, I found myself situated on the Dean’s List, and I honestly can’t remember the last time that was the case, but it has certainly been awhile. It felt good, because not only was it self fulfilling, but the praise and happiness I got from my parents was really encouraging. I’ve finally settled on a major and minor, Environmental Science and Economics, respectively and I think I FINALLY figured out where I want to Study Abroad.

Excelling in a subject definitely gives you more drive. I already can’t wait to go back to school and keep learning.


This is one of our deans…

My Friends/Family

We gained some.. we lost some. Some friends lost for good reason, others whose lives ended too soon. But, everyone has a different path of life, so I bid them a farewell and good luck! As for those friends who have stuck around, you guys are the ones that I want! The ones who will still be there through the thick and thin. And the friends I’ve gained over the past year, Welcome! Thank y’all for joining me for the ride!

I also found myself a lovely lady! I don’t know how she hasn’t killed me yet, but the fact that she hasn’t shows me she’s a keeper.


My Travels

 2014 was a good year of traveling, both domestic and international! I was fortunate enough to visit Germany, Georgia, Mexico, St. Maarten, and Anguilla. Domestically, I FINALLY made it to the west coast and beautiful San Francisco! Dad’s new job out at Google opened up more opportunities for travel out that way. We also headed down south for Thanksgiving, and played golf in North Carolina. This course I had never heard of ranked top 50 in the world, but I guarantee you it was #1 in being intimidating… If I haven’t mentioned it before, Maggie lives in Chicago! Over Fall Break, I went home with her and spent the break in the Windy City! She showed me around and I had a great time.






My Health/Athletics 

It was a big year for me. I finally have reached my health goals, regarding body fat percentage and overall weight. I dieted hard for a month, and now, I still stick by it as closely as possible. I’ve gotten faster, stronger, leaner and essentially, a better athlete.

As for the actual athletics, we’re doing big things over here at Mothers Rugby! We’ve reached the National Tournament bracket and will be competing in the Round of 16 this upcoming March in Charlotte, NC! We won our conference and I think I finally found my niche at Outside Centre (it’s a position in rugby, just fyi).


Like I said, it was a good year, and based on events, it couldn’t have been much better! I just hope this upcoming year is as good as this past.

How was your year?? Right a post on reflection and share it with me! Good luck this upcoming year!


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