Finding My Identity: The Birth of “TRVL 101”


Although I’ve written over 50 posts, have 100+ followers, and have dozens of daily viewers, I still have yet to figure out what am about. Who am I? Why do I write? Who do I write for? Most importantly, what makes my blog stand out from the rest? Why should you read my blog?

Today I attended a book signing session by Nomadic Matt. I was inspired to figure out what sets me apart, and to understand the real meaning behind my writing. After pondering this question for awhile, I think I’ve FINALLY figured it out.

On this day, TRVL 101 is born. A blog meant for college students, by a college student. Needless to say, it doesn’t actually need to be for only college students, but they’ll understand me the best. I’ll be posting about how I save money, how I manage to find the time, the hip and cool places that attract college students, etc.

I’m excited to start down this new path and I hope you all enjoy.


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