How To: Stay in Shape While on the Road

Everyone cares about their body image, especially college students. These are the prime years to get in shape, stay in shape, and look good in pictures. I’d be hard pressed to say majority of those who work out do it to be healthy. Most of us, including myself, either do it to excel in athletics or to look good in pictures at the beach. No matter what your motive is, we all want to look good.

But, why when on the road should you give up these morals. Just because you don’t have your local gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape while traveling. In fact, this is possibly the most important time to keep working out! It’s easy to let yourself go, but I guarantee it that you will regret it later.

Being in shape makes everything easier; hiking, walking around town, enjoying yourself, etc! Being lethargic will hold you back from doing the things you want to do and, at that point, it’s a waste of your time. Here are a few things I do while on trips that help me stay in shape. I’m not saying any of you powerlifters will see gains, and you most certainly wont be getting any stronger. But, you will maintain, and that’s good enough.

Drink Water


Drinking water is so easy, yet it makes an incredible difference. You’d be surprised, many people forget to drink water. They’re too caught up in the moment that they don’t even think about it! Being hydrated makes you feel alive, and ready for whatever comes your way. Especially after a night of drinking, water will help you rejuvenate and it’ll make that hangover go away faster. Be fair warned, not everywhere you go will have potable water! Be sure to either ask, or purchase bottled water. If you really want, you can buy Water Purification Tablets.  I also suggest Nalgenes. These things are virtually indestructible. I always carry one around. Simply having it will remind you to stay hydrated.

Body Weight Workouts


Do them in your hostel room, do them in a local park, do them literally anywhere you have space. They’re easy, quick, and productive. Simply doing some push-ups and crunches will have you looking like you’ve been lifting all your life. Take it from Mr. Walter Payton, hall-of-fame football player who is notorious for only working out using body weight.

I would also say do squats, but thats probably not necessary. You’ll be walking around a lot

so you will get your leg workouts in, don’t worry.

Go On A Run


Yes, I hate running too, but it’s one of, if not the, best way to burn fat quickly. Not only that, but taking a jog around a new city is a great way to quickly see what you’ll be exploring later that day. Kind-of like a teaser preview. You can mentally mark locations you’d like to return to, and then later that day visit that spot. Jogging/running is something you can do anywhere in the world at any time of day, although, I don’t recommend running around bad neighborhoods at night. Probably not the smartest idea.

Eat Smart


Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can avoid all nutritional suggestions. Maintaining a healthy diet will be sure to give you the energy you need to function throughout the day. That being said, definitely don’t miss out on the local cuisine just because you’re trying to eat healthy. Indulge a little, but be smart about it.

Get a Day Membership


If you don’t think you can workout without a gym, then so be it. Purchase a day membership to a local gym, I guarantee you they offer it! At least here in the US that’s true. They’ll have the equipment you require and you’ll be satisfied, I hope.

Obviously all this is easier said then done. Do y’all have any other suggestions that I’m missing? Comment below and I’ll make an edit to your credit!


3 thoughts on “How To: Stay in Shape While on the Road

  1. Great tips. Simple and effective. That body weight chart is really good. It is truly easy just to spend a few minutes doing some of those workouts. I really like the 7-minute workout, have you heard of it? They have an app that makes it really easy to keep the timing.

    The only thing I don’t agree about is eating a healthy diet while traveling, I love food and if I’m in France I’m not abstaining from having a pain au chocolat every morning, and in Italy and will not abstain from having gelato everyday, and in India, I will eat naan whenever I see it. :p And I won’t regret it.

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