#TravelTipTuesday Number 1

Today marks the beginning of a new series I’ll be doing here at TRVL 101. From now until I can’t think of any more, I will be posting a travel tip every tuesday, hence the name #TravelTipTuesday. These tips are going to be ones that I legitimately think can change a travelers experience. And so, without further adieu:



Only Carry As Much Cash As You Need That Day

How much would it suck if you were robbed, or pick-pocketed, or jumped, and they took all your money? I’ll answer it for you; a lot. It would suck a lot. Nobody wants to be stranded without any money, it’s just not a recipe for success. That’s why it’s important to only carry as much cash as you need for that day. That way, if any of the previous do happen to you, the thieves will only take $20 or so. It’s much better that then hundreds or even thousands.

This tip can be modified based on your destination, though it’s smart to follow it anywhere and leave nothing to chance. You could get away with carrying your life savings in Western Europe or Canada, etc. But places like the Czech Republic and other Eastern Europe countries are notorious for skilled pick-pocketer’s, so you definitely want to keep this in mind while in these countries.

In essence, just be smart. Use your judgement, but don’t blame me if you lose everything!


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