#TravelTipTuesday Number 3

spread of plugs around the world

Make Sure You Have the Correct Type of Electrical Converter

In a day and age when every gizmo and gadget we own needs to be charged somehow, the electrical socket converter has become one of the most quintessential pieces of equipment to bring while traveling abroad. Especially when traveling on a budget, there’s nothing worse then arriving to your destination, and almost immediately be faced with an unexpected cost. Doing your research ahead of time will help you avoid this. Here’s a nice Guide to help you determine which plug you need.

You can find your electric adapter at any range of price, starting around $5.00 on Amazon, up to $75.00 on Tumi (this is the one I have, and it works like a charm). It’s small, universal, and aesthetically pleasing. But, don’t feel like you need to spend that type of cash on a converter, like I said before, there are plenty of other ones for a fraction of the cost.


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