#TravelTipTuesday Number 4


Save Money By Withdrawing from ATM’s

When abroad, the first instinct is to exchange currencies at an exchange stall. NO. Absolutely not! You will get ripped off. Those stalls have a terrible exchange rate and are solely there to take your money.

Instead, withdraw all your money needed from an ATM. 9.9 times out of 10, they will have a better exchange rate then the kiosks. And, although your bank may charge a small fee, it will always be less then what you’d be losing if you exchanged at one of the stalls previously mentioned.

The only time I would use a kiosk would be if I was leaving the country, and I had a lot of notes left that I wasn’t going to spend. But even then, I’d still try and keep those because you never know if you’ll be back! If you keep it, then you’ll have a little extra spending money the next time.


2 thoughts on “#TravelTipTuesday Number 4

  1. And be sure to check the exchange rate with a currency conversion app! Rookie mistake (even tho I’m not a travel rookie) was when I got out the highest amount as an option from an ATM and then realized it was like $20 and I’d just paid $3 in service fees. Whoops.

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