How To Spend Your Time In Segovia, Spain: A Guest Post by Lust For The World

A little over an hour from Madrid, you will find the majestic city of Segovia, Spain. Most recognizable by the large aqueduct that lines it’s entrance, Segovia is a charming timeworn city with twisting alleyways and a royal palace. Although the sandstone buildings are quite appealing to look at, Segovia also offers amazing views of the Sierra de Guadarrama, a nearby mountain range.

segoviaSitting high on top of a rock, the Alcazar of Segovia is the main attraction in Segovia (and said to be the inspiration for Disney’s Cindarella Palace). The climb to top of the tower is narrow, claustrophobic and tiring but offers rewarding views of Segovia and its surroundings.


Source: carthesian from Barcelona, España

Located in the main square of the city, Cathedral of Segovia is one of last Gothic cathedrals built in Spain and Europe


For lunch, we stopped at El Bernardino, a restaurant that is famous for its traditional “suckling pig”. Served whole, the baby pig is cut open with a plate to prove its tenderness (not recommended for vegetarians or the light hearted).

segovia4 segovia5

Segovia has a lot of other features worth seeing (which is why was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site ). If you are looking for a day trip from Madrid, Segovia is definitely worth a shot!

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