#TravelTipTuesday Number 5


How To Adjust To Jet Lag

Jet lag will be the death of every traveller. East to west, west to east, it sucks either way. Adjusting to jet lag is crucial for having an enjoyable first few days. If you don’t acclimate, your sleep schedule will be thrown off, and you’re going to be awake at the exact opposite times you want to.

West to East: When I travel to Europe from the USA, majority of the flights there are over night. If you’re like me, you have issues sleeping on the plane (not because it’s not comfortable, but because you’re too excited). When you arrive to your eastern destination, it is crucial that you do not take a nap upon arrival. Falling asleep will only make you restless during the hours you want to be sleeping. Stay up, embrace the hard-ship, because you will be thankful later.

East to West: On the flip side, when I get back to the USA, I find myself waking up very early in the morning. I know taking over the counter drugs when not needed is frowned upon, but if you want to get back in rhythm quickly, one idea is to take a sleeping pill. This will ensure that you get a full nights rest, and you’ll hopefully be back on your normal schedule in no time.


8 thoughts on “#TravelTipTuesday Number 5

  1. I have dealt with jet lag since I can remember. West to East I agree. Try not to sleep in the middle of the day and try to go to bed as late as possible on the first couple of days, and sleep in the plane on the way there if you can. I am definitely able to sleep in planes but always wake up with a broken neck haha.
    On the way back I don’t do much except try to sleep accordingly to the time of destination on the planes and embrace the waking up early. Eventually I get back on schedule.

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