What’s the Craic? Top 3 Irish Pubs!

26.02.2015 (3)

As St. Patricks day comes upon us, I take a trip down memory lane to that one time I was in Ireland. Luckily, my memory is still fresh because that “one time” was less then a week ago. The things I would do to be back there are infinite. But, as the beer drinking, green wearing, Irish dancing rolls in, I decide to rank the top three pubs I visited on my tour of Ireland.

1) James Gibney & Sons


A pub with 30 of your teammates and two guys with guitars who will play anything you ask. Need I say more? Sit back, relax, enjoy a pint of Guinness, and jam to some Johnny Cash. The bartenders were nice, enjoyed the large group of economically careless Americans, and some of the other bar-goers even wanted pictures with the team! I wish we could of stayed longer, but the pub’s located in Malahide, which is about an hour away from where we were staying in Dublin.

2) Old Oak


This one’s a cross-mix between a pub and and club. Old Oak, situated in downtown Cork, starts out towards the entrance as a normal pub. A bar, some high stools, you know, the usual. But, as you move back you’ll find yourself transitioning into a club area. They’ve got the purple lights, a dance floor, a DJ, another bar, the works! The best part? Inside the pub area, they have TV monitors displaying the dance floor. It’s always a great past time to sit there and watch guys get shot down. Always puts a smile on my face!

3) Thomunds


We visited this bar, probably, four or five times. Each time, they treated us like we were royalty! Ten euro meals, ones that would be 15 otherwise. Sometimes they gave us discounted shots, and others they were even on the house! This is also where we watched the Ireland v England 6 Nations match, which for those of you who don’t know, is pretty much the Irish Rugby Super Bowl.

There are thousands of pubs in Ireland, and I didn’t explore 1/100th of them! These are just the favorites that I visited, but don’t limit yourself to them. Explore, and find your own favorite pub.


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