#TravelTipTuesday Number 8

lonely_2625163bA Guide Book is not a Bible

Guide books are great for jump starts, for gathering ideas, and getting a sense of what your destination is like. That being said, it is not some know-all encyclopedia that you should live by. For example, the “local eatery” that a guide book refers to now becomes the biggest tourist trap in the area. You know why? Because you and the other hundreds of thousands of people who are reading the book now flock to said eatery, and it loses its local and unique quality. Instead, explore on your own, find your own eateries, or markets, or clubs! Use the book as a stepping stone, but don’t live by it.


4 thoughts on “#TravelTipTuesday Number 8

  1. All guide books are not created equal. Finding the right book/ author to fit your travel style, budget, and goals is very important. Rick Steve’s is great for getting you around the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Michelin guides are for foodies and travelers with a healthy wallet. Lonely Planet is for the wanderer and the person who has time to embrace the destination. Fodor’s has a little of this and a little of that. Spend some time researching the right book– it will be worth it.

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