A Fredericksburg Staycation

In honor of a special celebration, my girlfriend and I chose to spend the weekend exploring the city we love so much; Fredericksburg, VA. We spend four years of our lives here, yet we know so little! We decided to fix this and explore the historical, loving area.

Our adventures began yesterday afternoon when we ventured to a local park down by the river, and took the opportunity to shoot an impromptu photo session. 60°F, sunny, and mid-afternoon sunset set the scene for our photo op, highlighted by the perfect lighting.




We began contemplating what we would do the next day, and Maggie suggested geocaching. I had heard of it before, but I wasn’t 100% what it was. For those of you who don’t know, like my old self, geocaching is the activity of searching for items around town that people have placed in hidden locations. Each location is listed online in “hint” form, and the goal is to collect as many as possible! Difficulty levels vary, some being hidden in heavily wooden areas while some are stuck to lamp posts. At each locale, there’s a box, or container, that has a log of those who have found it (which you add your name to once you find it), and if you’re lucky, there will be figurines to swap out. I promise you, it’s exhilarating finding one, especially after you failed to find others. Geocaching is done all over the United States, in almost every city, and each city could have dozens! I didn’t realize how big the community was, but it’s really cool.

IMG_7100 IMG_7101 IMG_7102 IMG_7104 IMG_7113

Not only is geocaching fun, but it was a great way to explore Fredericksburg! It took us to places I had no idea existed. But, as you could imagine this get’s tiring and works up an appetite. We started to explore our options in town and of course “Here & Abroad Bistro and Bakery” caught my attention. Anything with the word “Abroad” in it is automatically an ‘A’ in my book, but we had to check it out none-the-less.

Once we got there, it was everything I had expected! Small, café-esque, with a variety of international options, and a stocked bookshelf with travel guides. What more could you want??

IMG_7107 IMG_7111

Unfortunately, it’s back to reality now. Schoolwork, meetings, the works. It was a nice mental break, but now back to hard work!


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