#TravelTipTuesday Number 10


Invest in a reusable water bottle! Carrying around your own personal bottle will not only help save the environment, but it’ll help save your wallet too! Some destinations, including Europe, rarely offer tap water.  When you order some water with you’re meal, you’re paying for a bottle, whether it be plastic or glass. Either way, you’re paying for something that you shouldn’t be! Carry around a reusable bottle and fill it up in their sinks. I promise the water is potable, and if you’re still worried, purchase purification tablets. Those are still cheaper than buying a bottle of water every time you’re thirsty.

Fun fact: $100 million dollars is spent on bottled water world wide each year. It has been estimated to cost roughly $30 million to provide fresh water to everyone in the world for the same time frame. – FLOW Documentary. Think about it before you purchase a bottle of water.


4 thoughts on “#TravelTipTuesday Number 10

  1. It’s also great for plane trips. Leave the bottle empty as you go through security, then fill it up at a water fountain before you board. Perfect to rehydrate during those long flights. (One caveat: Some airports don’t allow this – Shannon Airport made me dump out the water before boarding the plane…water I had filled the bottle with at the fountain right across from the gate attendants.)

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  2. My favorite simple air travel tip is to bring your own water bottle to the airport, empty before crossing security and fill it up at the water fountain. They always have one, some airports even have spots specifically for filling water bottles. It’s the best way to save money and stay hydrated which is important with air travel.

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