Why You Should Invest in a Chromebook

How terrible would it be to take your $1,200 Macbook Pro, the one that has your entire life on it, on a trip and have something happen to it? While traveling, there’s a whole slew of things that could happen that would ruin your prized possession like getting caught in a rain storm, it getting stolen at a hostel, or just having it break. Your whole trip could be ruined! Twelve hundred right down the drain.

Now what if I told you that this can be avoided? What if I told you that you’d only be losing upwards of $300, and no pictures, documents, and/or applications? I’m talking about a Google Chromebook! This spiffy little instrument is a completely online based technology, meaning it has no internal hard drive. The Chromebook uses everything Google, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc. All your stuff is stored online. Not requiring storage space significantly reduces the price, allowing you to be less attached to it if something were to go wrong.

The Chromebook comes in numerous models, so if the ones below aren’t your style, there are dozens of others you can choose from.

Image received from store.google.com

Image received from store.google.com

Does it have its limitations? Absolutely. For example, editing pictures will be a real pain in the ass. But if the trip is short enough, you can wait to edit them until you get back! Chromebooks are also not as clear as Macbook books, especially if you have retina display. The Chromebook lacks the number of pixels, causing the screen look less sharp. Even then, a Chromebook has everything I need and is able to do everything I need. It’ll allow me to blog, upload pictures, keep connected on Facebook, and check my emails. EDIT Because of the lack of applications running on the laptop, the Chromebook has up to eight hours of battery life! (Courtesy of Arthur Schneebly) I plan on investing in one, but I’ll lay out the pros and cons of a Google Chromebook again and let you guys decide for yourselves.


1) Depending on the model, it can be 25% of the price of a standard Macbook

2) No attachment, so if it gets destroyed, no worries!

3) No precious files lost

4) Light, portable, and perfect for travel

5) Can blog and upload pictures (this is a necessity!)


6) Up to eight hours of battery life


1) Resolution is lower than a standard laptop

2) Difficult to edit pictures

3) If you don’t have internet, it becomes useless


Choose wisely….


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