Top Travel Apps You’ve Got To Have!

We’ve gone digital. Well, we’ve been digital, but now it’s almost as essential as water. And with this so called digital revolution, thousands of applications for smart phones have been created, many of which being travel related! Programmers have put in countless hours in order to make travel information literally in the palm of your hand and it’d be rude not to use their creations! Here are my favorite iPhone travel related applications. Many of them are also websites so I will include their URL with those that are.



The number of times I’ve been day dreaming about a destination and just thought to myself, “Hmm… I wonder how much it costs to get there” is countless. Having the Kayak app allows me to check multiple websites for rates in one single search when I want, wherever I am. Not only do they search for flights, but hotels and cars as well. They’ve even got this nifty tool that shows you the prices of hundreds of flights to random destinations around the world!

You can create an account, save flights, and get notifications sent to your phone when the price your watching changes!


Trip Advisor


TripAdvisor is one of the best peer/fellow traveler review sites that exists to date. Hundreds of thousands of reviews at hundreds of thousand attractions, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and everything else you could imagine. Having TripAdvisor in my pocket lets any decision I make have value and my faith be 100% within that decision. I personally review as well, and that is a blast too!




Choosing where to eat is probably the most important decision of any trip! Your culinary experience can make or break your vacation, so you’ve got to ensure you eat at the best of the best. Yelp is there to help you! By entering your location, Yelp will list all restaurants within a specified radius. You’re able to narrow it down by price, food type, and whether it’s a bar, café, etc. You’re able to view menus if they’re posted, reviews, and receive the location and directions.




Although I haven’t had the chance to really use it, I scroll through Airbnb pretty frequently, day dreaming of all the places I could go. Airbnb is a forum where hosts can list their spare rooms that are up for rent. Some of the ones posted are pretty freaking cool, including decked out airstreams, luxurious mountain cabins, etc etc.




I’ve heard some good experiences, I’ve heard some bad. Either way Couchsurfing can be nerve racking. This app allows users to put their spare rooms/couches up for stay, free of charge! I say it’s nerve racking because you will be staying with some random individual that you met over the internet. Be sure to check their reviews before you request to stay with them!



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