Happy be-lated Earth Day! How To: Travel Eco-Friendly

Happy be-lated Earth Day! Finals are creeping up so my writing may become a little spotty. I’ll try and keep up, but remember, academics first!

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few tips to travel eco friendly. Think about it this way, if we don’t keep our planet healthy, how and what will we travel?? Save the planet = save those with wanderlust.

Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle


I wrote a #TravelTipTuesday about this a few weeks back, but this is just to reiterate the point. Carrying around a reusable water will not only help save the planet, reducing the production of plastic water bottles, but it’ll also save your wallet. No need to keep buying bottles when, in most places, you can just drink right from the tap. If you’re really interested in the cause, watch the documentary “Flow.” It’s mindblowing.



If you do end up purchasing a water bottle, re-use it! If you don’t have your own Nalgene or Camelback, purchase a plastic bottle and just keep reusing that. Once you’re done with it, throw it in a recycling bin, so it can be disposed of properly, and hopefully reused later in another form. Here’s a list of all material that can be recycled. Now you can’t claim you didn’t know!

Buy Local


Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll be helping the local economy! On average in the USA, food travels 1500 miles from farm to plate. Imagine how much oil burning and CO2 emissions occur between the start and finish. Buying locally helps reduce that aspect of your carbon footprint. There’s a local eatery, Food-E, that prides itself on it’s environmental consciousness. All food is purchased locally, the farthest vendor being 100 miles away. Be like Food-E!

Pre-Trip Plan


If you have the funds, try and stay in hotels and other accommodations that are certified environmentally friendly! Most large companies advertise the environmental initiatives, so do your research because it’s not hard to find. This could be as small as how often they run laundry, all the way up to having an LEED Certified building.

Turn Off Your Lights and AC


Reducing the energy needed to keep a hotel running reduces the amount of coal/oil burned to power said hotel. Although you may not think that this personal decision makes a huge difference, you’d be surprised. Especially if you get everyone else on board, you can end up making a huge difference!

Remain on the Beaten Path


Yes, I know this goes against everything travelers strive for. When I say beaten path, I mean literally a path, like when you’re hiking! You can find those hidden gems of towns and eateries, but when you’re outside in nature, stay on the path to reduce your footprint. We had this saying in scouting, “leave the site better then it was before you came.” This means pick up stray trash and don’t create trampled down areas.

It’s the little things that counts. If everyone does their part, this world will be a healthier, cleaner, more earthy Earth. Follow these tips and you’ll be way ahead of the majority of people. Share these tips with your friends, family, and their friends! Get everyone on board so we can keep the world we love to explore beautiful.


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