The Journey Begins at the C.I.E.


And so begins my journey into the Travel and Tourism Industry! The journey I expect to be on for quite some time is set to begin May 18th. I have been hired as a Peer Advisor/Desk Aid at the University of Mary Washington’s Center for International Education. At the CIE, I will help ambitious students narrow down their choices of study abroad destinations and courses, and advise them on how to get the process rolling. This includes everything from admission to the host university, all the way to getting class equivalent forms approved.

This position means a great deal to me. I am excited to be apart of creating life time memories for my fellow classmates, and helping them along the process of making their dreams come true. I can guarantee I will be getting as much satisfaction out of helping them as they will be getting out of actually going!

Once they’re at their destination, I will be keeping up with them. I will be making sure their classes are going smoothly, and upon completion, I will assist them with their transition back into the University of Mary Washington.

After satisfactory completion of my role this summer, I will be offered the same position this upcoming Fall. I can’t imagine being unsuccessful. Somebody with as much passion and love for this as I do is bound for success.

I will be keeping you all updated, as I am sure you are just as excited as I am!


4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins at the C.I.E.

    • The on campus jobs here abundant! You just have to find what fits you, and apply! I love it because they work 100% around your schedule, scheduling you when you say you’re available.


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