How To: Maximize Your Day in Doha

Doha is a glorious city with much to offer. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury to spend the ten days that I did exploring. Many business travelers often only spend a weekend in Doha, and have an even shorter time to actually tour. If you have time to meander around, there are a few things that you have to see.

Grab Brunch


In Doha, the best of the best restaurants are all located within hotels. Upon arrival, head to one of the many hotels including The W, The Grand Hyatt, or others for a more then exquisite brunch. Expect a pricey tab though, as many of the hotels post high prices. Fortunately enough, with those high prices comes service and food of equal value.

Walk the Corniche


After devouring the wholesome and delicious brunch, walk a few steps outside and start strolling along the dazzling Corniche. For several kilometers, the Corniche straddles the coastline of the bay, offering a spectacular view every step of the way. Reach the other side of bay and you’ll get a view of the skyline like no other.

Rest Up

Get some rest, because the real Doha comes out at night.

Dine at the Souq Waqif


The Souq Waqif is the liveliest part of Doha, and it’s in its prime come nightfall. I suggest grabbing an outdoor table located on the main strip, ordering some food and a shisha, and enjoy the people watching. If you’re so inclined, indulge in some shopping because it is great here. Be sure to barter the price, it’s expected by both parties!

Head Back to the Hotels


Fun fact: the only alcohol served in Qatar can be found in hotels. Therefor, the restaurants/bars in the hotels become very popular for expats as they become thirsty for spirits and wine. Once again, the prices are steep, so expect a large tab.

There’s a lot to see in Qatar, and even more if you’re willing to venture outside of Doha. I wrote another piece about that here. The itinerary above is how I would maximize my time in the city.


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