One Door To Open Them All

Those of you have ever applied for an entry level job understand the struggle of not having enough work experience. It’s a tough life because you have to work to get experience, but nobody will hire you without experience! How the heck are you supposed to get that initial experience to get jobs that you want!

Well, I’ve found my experience to get experience. As of Monday, you’re looking at the newly hired Peer Advisor and Desk Aide at the University of Mary Washington’s Center for International Education. 


At the CIE, tasks are in abundance. First and foremost, I act as a peer advisor to students who meander into our office with the desire to go abroad. We help facilitate not only studying abroad, but volunteering and interning internationally as well. As current as yesterday, we offer 142 programs in 52 countries worldwide; a number proportionately enormous compared to our campus size. We offer summer, semester, and year long opportunities, as well as Faculty-Led Programs during breaks.


During the summer though, a walk-in is a rare occasion. Right now, we are working on updating our website by continuing to add our ever growing list of approved programs. I, personally, am working on familiarizing myself with what we have to offer, as well as information on scholarships and grants. Every once in awhile I’ll have a mini project to work on.

Although the summer may be slow, it does come with its perks; a large one being that I have my own office.


Along with that, I get my own gear too! I’ve got a mug, a sweatshirt, and two shirts! I can be representing everywhere I go!

I spent majority of the day researching programs for International Education degrees, mostly spurred by this job! Do any of you all work in that field? If not, do you know anyone? I’d love to learn how they got where they did!


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