Guest Post: Social Media as a Tool for Travelers

A little while ago, Sheena reached out to me asking if she could provide a guest post for my page! Of course, I said yes because who am I to deny you all knowledge?? Look what she has to say about social media for travelers!


One of the best ways to relax and unwind from a hectic lifestyle that has been created by stressful moments at work is to take a break by packing up and going to a new destination that you have been eying for a long time. If you love to travel to different places, then feel free t satisfy your adventure- thirsty spirit. Travelling is a great way to see new places and the entire world outside of the one that you have become accustomed to. Through this way, you get the chance to visit foreign places and their famous landmarks, make new friends with interesting people, sample the nearby cuisine and experience the local culture. How do you capture all of this with a single tool? By using social media for all your travel needs, of course!


Travelers spend a great deal exploring every inch of a new place. In most cases, they will take pictures and videos of different things to capture every moment that simply cannot be replicated once they return home. When they return to their hotel room from spending a long and tiring day outside, as long as they have a solid connection to the Internet, it is most likely that they will use a variety of social media platforms to share these wonderful experiences with people in the virtual world. If not, they’ll have to wait until they reach home to upload all the files on these social networks. Others create blogs to develop the habit of documenting every single place they’ve been to and the activities that they have participated in.


Social media is a great tool for travelers. Why? It’s because it is a form of visible communication that they can rely on to engage with others. When travelers upload pictures of where they’ve been to or simply checked in to a place, family or friends who share interest can write comments or suggest places where they can visit in the area. Great tools that provide this are Facebook and Twitter. It’s another alternative than using the email because the instant communication between two people are much faster rather than having to wait for the other person to reply.

People turn to social networking sites in order to be updated with news articles, local and international events, and many more. Even if travellers are at a different place in the world, they can still be updated with the current events and happenings that are taking place at home. They will feel as if they never left home because they are still in touch with everything else happening around them.


Another tool for travelers that they can look forward to using is Airbnb and the likes of it. This site provides options for accommodation in a certain area especially for those who are on a budget or when all hotel rooms are fully occupied. What you see on the site are places that people lease that are available for short term stays. This is perfect for those who travel and don’t want to stretch their budget by staying at an expensive hotel. It can be accessed through its website or its app which can be downloaded for convenience.

TripAdvisor is another great tool for travelers because they provide useful reviews and comments of certain places and activities that can be done in the area. People who tend to travel a lot will find this site useful because they can read reviews and comments that have been left by previous visitors of the place. It is a tool that can come in handy when making important decisions.

Travelers who bring their smartphones and laptop computers will always have access to social media for different purposes and reasons. It could be for personal or even work reasons. For whatever purpose it may serve, one thing for sure is that it brings convenience to its users. Those who travel can still communicate to people back at home or contact an old friend to meet up at the local coffee shop. Others may use it for travelling needs like to book accommodation or read reviews of a certain place. Social networking sites provide a multipurpose platform that many find useful. It is exciting to imagine what the future holds for social media because it is very useful and is somewhat influential since so many people in the world have access to it.

The album of pictures that you have uploaded on your social networking sites may inspire and encourage other people to travel as well. With so many options that are available right now, it’s impossible to throw that possibility out of the window. Who doesn’t want to pack up their things right now and explore a new territory that seems foreign and inviting at the same time? Why not take a chance and start by browsing through your social media networks for some inspiration?





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  1. “Social media is a great tool for travelers. Why? It’s because it is a form of visible communication that they can rely on to engage with others” Wow. this post is really awesome. Can show the bond between Social Media and the art of Traveling. Great! I find this site simple yet full of information! 🙂

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