Historic Downtown: Maximize Your Time in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA was once listed number five on a list of top ten college towns in the United States, filling its streets with old stye diners, Mom-n-Pop shops, and antique stores dating back to colonial times. Although it may not have the night life and bar scene typical college students would look for, I promise you it suits us UMW Eagles just dandy. Historic markers, museums free to the public, and a river that can entertain a group of rowdy students for hours proves that Fredericksburg is one of the true American towns in Virginia.

I decided to spend the day roaming “The Burg” with my girlfriend, and I think we found the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Here’s how to maximize your time in Fredvegas; what to do, where to eat, and how to get around.

Visit the Farmers Market


Fredericksburg is a very local, home grown town. People take pride in having the freshest of fresh food, the farm-est of farm raised meat, and the vibrant-est of vibrant flowers. The local farmers market, located at Hurkamp Park on Prince Edwards St, is open from 10:00am – 2:00pm every Saturday between May and September.

Stop in at the Fredericksburg Visitors Center


You never know what’s going on in this little town! If you had skipped out on the Visitors Center, there’s no way you would have known about the Antique Car Show downtown. Streets filled with old Mercedes, Cadillacs, and Fords dating back to the early 50’s. Not only that, but on the same day there was a “Rock the River Fest” down by the Rappahannock River. Tents upon tents of local business, ranging from puppy day cares to ukulele sales, all there to benefit the local economy.

Lounge on the River

(ALL RIGHTS) Rappahannock River © Mary Porter

(ALL RIGHTS) Rappahannock River © Mary Porter


Ignore my pasty white chest

Speaking of the river, the Rappahannock is the place to be come summer time in Fredericksburg. Specifically, Old Mill Park is where I like to post-up. The park has got a field that’s big enough to play host to a multitude of sports games, grills, clean bathrooms, pic-nic tables, and of course, river access. NOTE: There is no sand, only small gravel and it hurts the feet! Bring water shoes. The water is nice, get’s no deeper than the waist, and if you’re so inclined, bring a inner tube to mosey on down the river at a leisurely pace!

Go Berry Picking

20150607-IMG_7871-Edit FullSizeRender 2

Berries taste exponentially better when you pick them yourself, it’s been scientifically proven. About 10 minutes away from the river, Braehead Farm allows you to come in and pick their berries! There is no entrance fee, and the only thing you pay is based on how many berry’s you pick (by weight). The farm is open 10:00am – 6:00pm daily and berries are sold by the half-pound for $2.99. If you were interested in something other than berries, seasonally they have other options. I believe they currently have snap peas, snow peas, cabbage, and other assorted vegetable options.

Finish Your Day with an Antique Store


Everybody likes old crap. At any one of our dozen of antique stores, you’re sure to find old collectibles ranging from trading cards to post cards to knives to civil war memorabilia! There is no lack of old fascinating junk in Downtown Fredericksburg, some of it may be worth hundreds of dollars for all you know!

Contrary to popular belief, Fredericksburg offers a lot to its citizens! I’m glad to call this place my home and I’m lucky enough to be here for at least two more years!

If you’re in the area, email me or find me on Facebook and let’s meet up! I’d love to show you around.


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