30 Minute Body Workout: Stay In Shape While on the Road

I know from experience, that when you’re on the road, you tend to not be thinking of fitness and staying in shape. I stuff my face with what I want, when I want. It’s a problem really! For example, for the past few months I’ve been on a strict Paleo Diet (fantastic results, try it). However, when I went to Qatar in May, I was on the far opposite spectrum of Paleo. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten so much rice in such a short time frame!

Now, although I had a strict diet, I am not going to venture to a foreign land and not indulge in their cultural food! But I was still concerned with my fitness level.. So what did I do? Well I looked up 30 Minute Bodyweight Workouts. I found no lack of regimens and was able to complete them with little wasted time in areas no larger than well… a bedroom! Was I making athletic and fitness progress? No, absolutely not. But was a making up for the eating I was doing? Well.. still probably not. But it helped!

Here’s the workout I did, check it out.


Courtesy of Greatist

In closing, it’s also important to consider going for a run! I love running in a new city. It’s a great way to explore a lot of it quickly, and then mentally bookmark where you want to come back to!


2 thoughts on “30 Minute Body Workout: Stay In Shape While on the Road

  1. It can be hard staying healthy on the road, I always want to try the local food, and beer, and desserts. At least I get a lot of walking in. Thanks for sharing this routine, I don’t think I’ll do it daily, but a few times a week is better than none.

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    • Exactly! Trust me, I never shy away from food while travelling, healthy or not. And like I said, this isn’t meant to get you real fit or toned up, but rather make you feel a little less guilty about all the food and beer you’ve been drinking! 😜


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