Top 10 Benefits of Having a Facebook Page

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Can’t get enough of sharing all your wonderful and stunning travel photos and escapades? Are you aware that your constant and regular posting of photos annoys some of your friends? Now, creating a personal travel Facebook page is one way of organizing your posts and photos without upsetting your friends. It surely provides you with numerous benefits that you can’t possibly imagine you have. The following are only ten (10) out about the many benefits of having a personal Facebook page while you are traveling.

Motivation Factor Overload

Your Facebook page can be one of the greatest sources of the motivation of your followers. It will surely inspire others to save in order to materialize the long list of their travel bucket lists. You are hitting two birds in one stone because you are clearly enjoying your trips while generating the same spirit of recreation to other people. Thus, inspiring them to keep on track with their travel plans.

Connection with People

Nowadays, your Facebook page is one of the newest ways of getting connected with the people around you. Everybody becomes very busy to say hi so it does the talking for you. Frequent posting of travel photos and updates is also one of the best ways to promote your page. It will not only help you gain millions of followers, but will surely earn you a lot of page referrals, making the promotion of your page easier and faster.


Your updates and posts are discussed by your curious and avid followers. Thus, passing it into other people who initially do not have the idea of the existence of your page. This is a clear indicator of an easy way to promote facebook page.

Information Dissemination

Today’s trend has placed Facebook as one effective avenue for information sharing and learning. In order to properly promote facebook page, you need to post quality updates, may it be about your travels or personal discoveries. Such practice can lead to a series of interesting information dissemination that leads to a more interesting and interactive learning. You do not simply post updates, but also start the chain of information exchange.


Virtual Tour Guide

Posts about your travel experiences serve as guides to other wanderers like you. In a blink of an eye, you become an online travel guide you never wish to become. It is because your travel posts are informative and directional enough to virtually guide others in their personal travels. You do not only update your facebook page, but at the same time you promote it without intentionally doing so.


Open Doors Towards Business

The posts that people see on Facebook can actually get you into big business deals. Opportunities may include a job writing about your travel experiences and personal advisory jobs to other travelers out there.

Low-cost Marketing Strategy

If you are already in the business world, keeping and regularly updating a facebook page is one of the low-cost marketing strategies ever used by businessmen. This is also a way to promote facebook page, products, and services you market and sell.

Provision of Reliable Suggestions

You usually get first-hand experience stories, suggestions and bits of advice from people who previously encountered the adventures or trips you posted. Their suggestions bear almost 95% of truth and reliability because of the fact that it has already been personally tried and tested. These suggestions will surely guide you to have a remarkable and memorable travel experience of your life.

Enjoyment in Documentation

For those who get “boredom feels” upon hearing the word writing, having a facebook page is one way of changing the way you think about writing. This is one way of introducing a different taste of documentation because you have a direct and a big number of an audience even without telling them to read your posts.

Establishment of Linkages

The only way to a surefire increase of connections for business and personal intentions has surely started from having a Facebook page. This will help you update your friends, business associates, and partners on the latest happenings about your business.

You may think that Facebook can no longer offer you something that is going to be of use. It is time to rethink your assumptions since your Facebook page is only one of the many things that will definitely change the way you think of how Facebook is still evolving until today.

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