What To Do With a Two Day Stopover in Iceland

For those of you who are not aware, Icelandair offers an amazing stopover program. If you fly through them, Icelandair will allow you have up to a seven day “extended layover” in Iceland for no extra charge! This essentially adds another destination to your trip without having to pay extra transportation to get there. If you’re curious, here’s their route map.


Fly to or from any of these locations and add a stopover in Iceland! I took up this opportunity in 2013 and spent two days in Reykjavik before continuing onto London.

Iceland has much to offer, way too much to see in two days. If you want to maximize your experience there, I would suggest creating a plan, that way you don’t waste precious time! Here’s how to spend your two day stopover in Iceland.


IMG_1912Reykjavik Backpackers, located in the middle of Reykjavik, is a hostel aimed at an obvious party: backpackers. Not only are their rooms clean and with linens, but their bathroom facilities are kept pristine and their kitchen kept spotless. However, common complaints are that they’re a little pricy and the noise pollution from nearby bars keeps guests up at night. My argument to those are: I did not find it pricy, roughly ISK7000 ($55.00). It may sound pricy, but given the location and the general nature of Iceland, this is a great deal. As for the noise complaints, you’re in Iceland for two nights.. you can sleep when you’re dead. Get out and see the night life.

Reykjavik Backpackers also has an affiliation with an airport shuttle, so no matter what time your plane departs or arrives, there will be a shuttle to take you there! I had the shuttle pick me up at 3:00 am on the day I left, and I heard no complaints about it.



Blue Lagoon: Probably the most famous attraction of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is an amazing spa and geothermal pool. It takes roughly an hour or so, by bus, to travel from Reykjavik to the spa, but it’s totally worth it. My suggestion: go stop by the visitor center on Laugavegur Street and book your trip through them. They’ll set you up with a bus ticket out there, your entrance to the lagoon, and of course, your ride back, all for the best price. I suggest the comfort package, but here are all the options.

The spa includes steam rooms, saunas, showers, and the obvious, geothermal pool! It’s impossible to leave Blue Lagoon without feeling rested, relaxed, and generally in a better mood than when you arrived!


Hallgrímskirkja: Sitting atop, towering over Iceland sits Hallgrímskirkja, a beautiful cathedral that provides spectacular vistas. For a mere ISK600, you can take the elevator (or climb, whichever you choose) up to the top and be awestruck from looking out over the colorful, lovely city.

Icelandic Phallological Museum: For obvious reasons, I am not going to add a photo of the IPM. For those of you who are not aware, Phallological means penis. It’s a penis museum. It’s a museum filled with penises of numerous animals, including sperm whales and humans. They even have molded “busts” of the Icelandic Mens Handball teams penises. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Whale Watching: I wish I was able to do this while there. I didn’t even know it was a possibility, but now I’m spreading my knowledge to you to ensure that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Iceland has an entire webpage dedicated to tour operators here. Any of these organizations will be willing to take you out and spot these wonderful, majestic creatures.



Hot Dogs: Grilled onions, regular onions, and a sauce that I have no idea what it was! Mustard? Mayonnaise? A mixture? Who knows. I do know, however, that these beautiful specimens were all over the city and I loved them. They even sell them in the airport!

Shark: Okay to be honest, shark actually sucks. It smells, it’s chewy, and it lingers in your mouth no matter what you eat. However, when in Iceland, eat as.. the Icelanders? Is that the saying? Oh well, I went for it anyway.


Lamb Soup: Same idea.. I’m not a huge fan of lamb, but I ordered this on my first night there and I thought, what the hell? Why not? Quick side note, I take it upon myself, sort of as a challenge, that when I go somewhere new, I will order the weirdest thing on the menu my first night there.

Everybody has their own experiences! Have any of you experienced anything different? Is there something I’m missing? Comment below!


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