6 Regional Destinations I’m Determined to See this Year

We all have aspirations to do huge international, multi-country trips for long periods of time. But what about the less extravagant yet still amazing trips? I’m talking about the “local” ones, the ones you can get to easily and are still worth every second. I’ve created my list of those destinations that I will see this year!

1) Wilmington, Delaware

I was recently up this direction for a rugby tournament, and the very short time I spent there made me anxious to go back. Over the tree line I saw numerous churches with beautiful architecture and a style that took me back decades. Wilmington isn’t a popular destination for most, but the Mid-Atlantic metropolis is definitely on my radar.

2) Toronto, Canada

Although Toronto isn’t really “regional”, it’s the closest major Canadian city to me, and therefor, it’s on my list. I have a certain attraction to Canada. I’ve only been there once, to Thunder Bay, and it was overwhelming pleasant. Canadians may be the nicest people on Earth, poutine warms my heart, and the fact that the have currency called a “Loonie” and a “Toonie” makes the country that much better. Only a quick, $239 trip away, Toronto is in the books for this upcoming October.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.19.46 PM

3) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The birthplace of America, the incubator for Freedom, and the breeder of everything this country stands for: Philadelphia, PA! Philly may be the most patriotic city in the country, for it is where freedom was struck on the night of July 4th, 1776. This historic breeding ground almost begs me to pack my bags and go right now. While there, Constitution Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Rocky Steps are a must see. Four hours is nothing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.35.06 PM

4) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Are you guys picking up on the history theme? It’s just as surprising to me as it is to you. I’ve never really been a huge fanatic over history and that jazz, but in recent months, I’ve kind of picked up an interest. Well, in the interest of fulfilling that craving, heading up to Gettysburg, PA is a most do. Only a mere two hours away, this historic landmark was quintessential during the Civil War era. Most famously known for the delivery of the Gettysburg Address (by Abe Lincoln), the Gettysburg National Park and battlefields have been left pristine, just as they were centuries ago.

5) The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks I hold near and dear to my heart. For 30+ years, my family has been going to the same area, Duck, NC and spending quality family time. It’s awesome when we have everybody in the same place, bringing people together from Charlotte, NC, to all the way out from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The chain of small towns, located on the coast of North Carolina is reputable up and down the East Coast. People travel great distances to indulge in some sun action in these quaint municipals.

Be careful though, in recent weeks, the Outer Banks has become infamous for it’s obscure number of shark attacks! We’ve already been warned by our Grandmother that we will not be entering the water. Lucky for us, our house has a pool.

6) Chincoteague Island

Most known for their wild ponies, Chincoteague Island located on the Delmarva Peninsula, is Virginia’s home away from home. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Chincoteague Island is popular for those who want to get away. While here, outdoor activities are the things to do. The bike paths are always crawling with bikers, horses are being ridden, boats are being motored, and the island becomes livelier than Ocean City on the 4th of July!


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