4 More Eateries You Need to Try in Arlington, VA: PT. II

The other week, I posted my Top 7 Eateries in Arlington, VA and it was a hit! I received the second most daily views ever, and for that I am grateful. Granted, I am from Arlington so most of the views were probably from my friends on Facebook. Nonetheless, you all enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing it. I received numerous comments wondering why specific restaurants weren’t included, so I’ve decided to create this sequel in order to give all the great eateries in Arlington their due credit.


Driven by Neapolitan influence, Pupatella has some of the best pizza in northern Virginia. To compliment their standard menu pizzas, they also offer a create-your-own option including an absurd number of toppings to pick from. You can choose everything including the type of bread, the type of sauce, the type of cheese, and you can pick and choose from their dozens of topping options. Each pizza is 11″ and is recommended one per adult. Make sure you top off your meal with your choice of an exquisite Italian vino.

Location: 5104 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22205

Delhi DhabaFullSizeRender

Even with my poor attempt at culinary photography, this Chicken Tikka Masala looks scrumptious. I’m currently digesting this beauty while typing this! I love any Indian food, but this local, family owned joint does it better than most others. Whether you want to do take out or dine in is up to you, but they’re restaurant itself has recently gone through renovation and it’s beautiful. Their outdoor seating is very appealing and great for dates! I think it’s important to note that I did find it a little pricey. Rice, chicken tikka masala, and chick peas cost me $18.00. I think I could have done it cheaper, but it’s a learning experience.

Location: 2424 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22201

Lebanese Taverna

Along with Indian food, I am a huge fan of middle eastern food, and Lebanese Taverna does middle east very well! The eatery began its career here in Arlington, but has expanded to other locations, including Pentagon Row and Tysons Corner. Not only do they have an extensive menu, but they also have a market within their restaurants, where you can purchase their famous hummus and other cuisines.

Best of yet, their Arlington location offers cooking classes, where anyone of any skill can come and learn how to properly cook middle eastern cuisine.

Location: 5900 Washington Blvd. Arlington, VA 22205

Sichuan Wok

As probably their most loyal customer, I am ashamed that I forgot about Sichuan Wok on my last post. My family and I frequent the establishment at least once a week. They know us by now, they know our orders, they know our names, and they even know what kind of wine my mom prefers! Here’s a little anecdote to explain why Sichuan Wok is the best Chinese restaurant in the biz:

A little over a year ago, my family and I flew out to California to hang around. While in San Francisco, my dad and I visited China Town and were on a mission to find the best steamed dumplings in town. We “Yelped” to find out where the most highly regarded dumpling station was in all of China Town, and when we got there, and after we ate them, we still concluded that Sichuan Wok has the best dumplings in the United States.

Location: 901 N. Quincy Street Arlington, VA 22203


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