Lolly-Gagging around Lollapalooza: Music Festivals Galore

Lollapalooza is one of the best music festivals in the United States, following Coachella and Burning Man. The Chicago based venue offers a wide array of musicians, ranging from Paul McCartney to Kid Cudi to Metallica. Obviously, the event is aimed towards people of all musical genre preferences. Crowding hundreds of thousands of fans into Grant Park is a feat in itself. With eight stages, dozens of bands, and thousands of minutes of ear blasting music, Lollapalooza has easily been the best venue I’ve ever been to. Here’s why:

The Backdrop


Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to The Weekend while having the Chicago skyline as a backdrop? Close your eyes, and you feel as if he’s personally serenading you. Open them, and you realize how big of an event it really is, and how you’re only a minuscule part of it. Whether your packed liked sardines in the crowd or you’re enjoying the vista from the back lawn, the Chicago skyline is always in your view, and it’s one you can never get tired of. Speaking of which:

The Surrounding Area


Skydeck Chicago is easily the coolest thing you can do while in Chitown. The Skydeck, located at the top of the Willis Tower provides a 360º vista of Chicago. Want to look out over Lake Michigan? They’ve got it. Want to look South Side? Yup. Each and every direction is beautiful. Illinois may be the most flat state of them all, so you can look as far as the eye can see.

The People


Imagine being surrounded by 100,000 other festival goers, all singing along with Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”. Then, the base drops, and everyone begins bouncing. Your chest is vibrating from the bass, and your ears are ringing from the ungodly amount of decibels originating from the dozens of speakers lining the stage. It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it.

The Food


Chicago has too many signature dishes to count, but the Chicago Style Hotdog is easily one of my favorite. I tweeted a picture of the ingredients.


If hotdogs aren’t your thing, I definitely suggest trying deep-dish pizza and Garrett’s popcorn!

The Lineup


There are so many groups. Way too many to see all of them, which is a little disappointing. But, I guess that’s a good problem to have, right? The organization did a fantastic job setting the event up, getting great artist and running it like a well oiled machine. I definitely see myself coming back in the near future.


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