Shenandoah at Sunrise

Two weeks ago, I put a post out on Facebook inviting those who were interested to join me on a sunrise hike of Old Rag Mountain. The call to action required a 2:00am wake up call, which I would imagine definitely deterred some people. Nonetheless, I got three interested folks, my friends Miriam, Quinn, and Michael.


Departing Fredericksburg at 2:00am, we made our way to the trailhead in Robertson, VA. From there, we had a two and a half hour trek to the top, arriving about 30 minutes prior to sunrise. After that, it was smooth sailing. The burnt orange skyline creeping atop the rolling mountains of the Shenandoah were like none other. The aroma of pine needles and hard work lingered as we were sweating from the tenacious climb up. Once we reached the top, and we broke out the TrailMix and protein bars, the struggle had become the reward. It was beautiful.




IMG_9714 IMG_9720 IMG_9726 IMG_9734 IMG_9736 IMG_9778

Michael even made a new friend, Anne! She’s much better at photography..

In case you’re interested in going, the trailhead address is Nethers Rd, Etlan, VA 22719. The entire trip is 5.7 miles, and I would give yourself roughly 30 minutes to an hour on top. If you’re interested in a sunrise hike, I would suggest leaving the parking lot around 3:30am. It’s better to arrive early and wait than wake up super early and miss the sunrise.


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