What’s On Our Itinerary? Toronto Plans!

In a little under two weeks, Maggie and I will be Toronto bound! I’ve been asking around, doing my research, and I think we’ve got a general idea of things we want to see and/or do. What do you think of our list?

Eat Poutine


When in Canada, you eat poutine. It’s just what you do! These delectable, cheesy, gravy covered, french fries make my tastebuds tingle just thinking about it. I posted on one of the forums I follow on Facebook asking where the best places were to get it. I’ve heard “Smoke’s” and “Poutini’s”. Someone else replied and verified Smoke’s. Have you been here?

Visit Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls was one of our main selling points for Toronto. I’ve never been, she’s never been, it’s perfect! Only an hour and a half away from Toronto, Niagara Falls is a stunning sight to see (or so I’ve heard). The prices couldn’t be any better either! Round trip, the bus ticket costs roughly $30 per person. How long can you stay at Niagara Falls? We want to book the right tickets!

Ascend the CN Tower


I’ve heard there are numerous ways to see the breathtaking Toronto Skyline, but there’s no better than from atop the CN Tower. Although a little pricy (~$25 USD), it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love skyline views, just check my Instagram!

View the Skyline from Across the Water

Toronto skyline

Speaking of skyline views, I heard the view from across the water is equally as beautiful! From what I understand, we can take boats or ferries from across the water to a park (name unknown to me), and see this view. Have you done it? What company do you suggest?

I think that’s all we had set in stone! Is there anything else you all suggest we need to do/see? Otherwise, we’ll just meander the city looking for fun activities. Comment your ideas below.


7 thoughts on “What’s On Our Itinerary? Toronto Plans!

  1. Go to the Bata Shoe Museum. It’s real and fun. Take subway to St. GEorge station and you’ll see it when you walk outside. Go to Greektown. get off at Pape subway station. Lots of good food there. You would take the Toronto ferry to Toronto Islands for the great view. Islands are small and connected. best to have a bike. No cars there.

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