The Travel Bloggers Guide to Gaining More Followers on Instagram

The name of the game is to increase your following. More following = more exposure = more views! Isn’t that what we all want? But sometimes gaining those followers are tricky! As of August 2015, over 300 million users are on Instagram. How in gods name are you supposed to separate yourself? Through personal experience, I found these tactics to be useful.

Post Content Daily


If you want to have followers, you need to have content. Why would someone follow you if you didn’t post? I mean think about it, do you follow people who post once in a blue moon? Post every day and blow their feeds up.

Post Good Content

Nobody wants a blurry picture of your dog. People want to see images that inspire their wanderlust. After scrolling past your image, their heart and mind should be racing, thinking of all the places they could possibly go.

Like Other Peoples Photos


People aren’t going to know you exist unless your name keeps popping up. By liking their images, your name pops up in their notifications, they get interested, and boom, next thing you know they’re checking out your page and following you.

Utilize Hashtags


Hashtags are a way for people with like interests to come together and socialize. Utilizing the right hashtags within your specific field will grab the attention of other travel bloggers, who will then venture to your page, and eventually follow you! I wrote a post about the best travel hashtags, you should check it out.


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