Billy Bishop Toronto City and Porter Airlines Review: A MUST READ

If you’re planning a trip to Toronto soon, read closely!!

As I sit within Terminal A of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport waiting for my Porter Airline flight back to DC, I feel as if it is now that I should be writing my review. If I were tell you I was in awe, it would be an understatement. If I were to tell you I was in love, that would be closer to my actual feelings. I’m basking in emotion while enjoying the honeymoon stage of this newfound relationship, and I reckon I should share my love for these two with you all, my endearing followers.

Porter does an amazing job with customer service, something United needs to learn about. When did small complimentary snacks become taboo within the airline industry?? Porter is a budget airline giving away snacks and complimentary beverages! They even give you free beer or wine!! That is absolutely unheard of in the USA nowadays.

Toronto Pearson is an exceptional airport. With hundreds of international flights daily, it seems like a no brainer. Well I’m here to tell you that, if at all possible, fly into Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport with Porter Airlines. BBTC is located right on Toronto Island that provides an amazing view of the Toronto skyline upon approach.


Toronto is world renowned for it’s skyline, so why not fly eerily close and witness it eye level from a few hundred feet away. It’s absolutely breath taking.


Next, BBTC’s departure terminal. Holy crap… It’s like a premier lounge, but not! Within the terminal, they provide complimentary coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and tea. All of which is open to the public to grab, as much as they’d like.



(The wrap was not free, that was purchased.)

Moving on from the food, their amenities are ridiculous, especially for such a small airport. Within the terminal, they’ve also got a free to use business center with a printer.


If that’s not enough to woo you, what about the fantastic free wifi? In my sight, I can see a hundred or so people using the connection, but it’s running as if I was the only one.

I realize all of this jazz is remedial, but it’s the small things that really make a travellers day. The thought and effort that Porter and BBTC put into their terminal and their customer experience is something that many US Carriers need to admire.


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